dakota gordon is a freelance photographer and exhibiting artist based in melbourne, australia.

starting out as a fashion and editorial photographer in 2011, dakota quickly established herself within the industry and collaborated with a wide range of local and international brands, musicians, artists and designers, as well as having her work featured in a number of publications such as paper magazine, oyster magazine, kerrang!, grazia and ZEITmagazin

with a long-standing background in the wildlife conservation and wildlife rescue fields, dakota has since shifted her artistic practice to focus more on the documentation of the natural world and the environmental challenges it faces. heavily inspired by the unique details within the harsh and unpredictable australian landscapes, dakota depicts these elements within her work to produce images that are minimal, yet powerfully detailed, and hopes to create a further understanding surrounding the importance of preserving the natural world.

contact – dakotagordonphoto@gmail.com

insight with fallowhttps://fallow.com.au/blogs/news/inight-dakota-gordon

solo exhibitions 

DAYDREAM NATION, the tate gallery, glebe 2012

JANE DOE (IN COLLABORATION WITH STELLAR LEUNA),  goodspace gallery, chippendale 2016

ORDOVICIAN/2,228, downunder space, chippendale 2018

FAULT/FRACTURE, error404, fitzroy 2021

group exhibitions

DREAMS TO REMEMBER, bridgetown, los angeles 2013

RED ROOM, the union, fitzroy 2016

MOTH PROJECTS GROUP SHOW, moth projects, surry hills, 2016

BY MYSELF, goodspace gallery, chippendale 2017

GOODSPACE 2ND BIRTHDAY, goodspace gallery, chippendale 2017

VANISHING POINT, downunder space, chippendale 2019 (curated by dakota gordon)


postblue ‘i hope they’re praying for me’ LP / poison city records 2014

lovesick ‘an introduction’ cassette / sun terrace records 2018

zola jesus ‘wiseblood; johnny jewel remixes LP / sacred bones/italians do it better 2018

sunn o))) ‘live at the echoplex’ digital / artist self release 2018

sam haven ‘i cannot be here’ digital / artist self release 2018

death bells ‘part time punks session’ cassette / funeral party 2018

sam haven ‘sanctuary’ digital  / artist self release 2019

magic circle ‘departed souls” LP , CD & cassette / 20 buck spin 2020

luster ‘turbulence’ LP / atwater records 2020

system body ‘cast no light’ cassette / damned gates 2020

empress ‘wait til night’ LP / brilliant emperor 2020

luster ‘blue oblivion’ EP / funeral party records 2021

drowning horse ‘meghalayan’ LP / televised suicide 2021

merzbow mixtape (complied by lawrence english) cassette / toBe magazine & room40 2021

lies in ashes ‘lies in ashes’ cassette / team glasses 2022

nnamael ‘samsara’  digital / subverted 2022

lesser of x hybral split LP / subverted 2022

kaarst ‘the promise’ digital / crucible 2022